R.I.P my gorgeous

Lost for words. Sadly, my beautiful puppy Harry had a tragic accident last weekend and was killed by a car. He was the most amazing dog and he was a massive part of my life. My whole family love him unreal amounts and are so distraught that he is no longer with us anymore. Harry will never be replaceable and was one in a million XXXXX  Read more


Hope you all had a lovely weekend X This recipe, for me is heaven in a bowl!! I run my working hyperactive cocker spaniel once every day, usually in the morning and then walk him in the afternoon. He needs incredible amounts of exercise otherwise he goes wild! So, when I come back from my run, I want something to sustain me until lunchtime but something more interesting than just a protein shake (I like vega berry protein shakes though)Read more


As you can probably tell, I do have a slight obsession with raw cacao (not only does it taste amazing but it has very high magnesium levels!) This comforting raw cacao + nut butter porridge is perfect on the slightly colder days as we approach into winter. I don’t eat many carbs, because I feel I don’t need them however I do love sweet potato, oats, quinoa (even though its technically a seed) etc.. you get the picture. These carbsRead more


So, I know this isn’t a foodie post (I know what is this?!) but I wanted to share with you a few pictures of me doing yoga. This weekend I had a very good but painful sports massage at my physio (I overused my tendons in my leg causing me to be off sport for a while!) Despite my aches and pains, I did a couple of backbends and some headstands (they are more difficult than you think, trust me!)Read more


So, I know I’ve been posting about raw cacao powder lately, but I just can’t seem to get enough of the stuff! As well as being delicious, it brings many benefits to your health (packed with anti-oxidants, flavonoids + magnesium) These truffles are densely rich but make a perfect weekend guilt-free treat with a warm cup of herbal tea ( I live for peppermint tea!!) According to the people who have tried them, they are like a healthy ferro rocher!Read more


Hazelnuts + cacao for me is a great combination. There is something special about nuts and cacao/ fruit + cacao that gives a wonderful vibrant colour and taste. When I was a little girl, I didn’t know any better but to smother tablespoons and tablespoons of Nutella onto pretty much anything from toast to croissants or even off the spoon! Shocking I know, I dread to think how much sugar is in one jar!! This spread creates a very similarRead more


I love any kind of banana bread. However, the shop brought one is packed with unnecessary sugar, additives and preservatives. So, why buy a loaf from the supermarket when you can just make your own healthy version in just under 20 minutes. So quick and simple! Banana bread is also a perfect opportunity to use up black/mushy bananas that no-one fancies eating. When the bananas are softer they become naturally sweeter and if you use a green banana in this bread,Read more


So, this recipe is a perfect alternative to a starchy carb, like pasta. Much better than pasta as you have the same appearance however get so many nutrients at the same time! What a bargin?! The other great thing about this recipe is it takes so little time containing very few ingredients. I created this recipe as my little sister used to love pasta (now she’s gluten free, she can’t eat it) however, she feels really left out so IRead more


As I’ve probably mentioned before, I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, however I like to enjoy the sweet things in life in moderation (who doesn’t?!!) so I created this recipe as my sister loves cookies but obviously I had to make them healthy! ¬†Whenever Im baking the ultimate main ingredient I use is ground almonds. The nut is naturally sweet itself + packed with vitamin E making it beneficial for skin health. Even though I use nuts, especiallyRead more